Giving Back: SAFFT Needs Forsyth County Community Help

SAFFT in Forsyth County, GAI just visited the lovely people at SAFFT, Supporting Adoption & Foster Families Together. I donated a bag of stuffed animals for the foster children. They were so thankful and I know my girls will be happy that they will bring smiles to foster children in Forsyth County, GA.

My friend has adopted two children and is active with this nonprofit, so I had recently heard of them. I took a tour of SAFFT and learned more about the organization. They offer supervised visitation for foster children and their families. They have an art room, a play room and a backyard with toys.

“The SAFFT Family Visitation and Community Center is located in Cumming, Georgia. This supervised visitation center offers services such as parenting classes, case management, and supervised visitation. Our center works directly with the Juvenile Court, CASA, GALs, and the Department of Family and Children Services. All visits are video surveillanced and documentation of the visits are provided to the parties involved in the cases. Referrals are accepted directly from the Juvenile Court, Superior Court, and DFCS staff.”

I have a Junior Girl Scout troop and I asked them what kind of help and support that they needed from the community. They gave me a wish list and ideas for their upcoming open house, parents night out (they need volunteers), monthly craft sponsors, snack bag donations and more.

So, how can we as a community help?

  • You can give money.
  • You can donate items – provide diapers and wipes, paper towels, paper plates & cups, disenfectant wipes, art supplies, stuffed animals, toys, crafts, games, backyard toys and more.
  • You can volunteer – they have many events in the community and have an open house coming up soon. For more information, contact the SAFFT office.

Give them a call – they would be happy to hear from you!

Here is their story:

“In 2008, two foster parents in Forsyth County, deeply affected by a tough situation fostering a child, felt lost, burnt out, unsupported, and unsure about whether they should continue fostering or give up. They felt that they were traveling this journey called “fostering” alone. So, they decided to start a support group for foster and adoptive families. The group initially began meeting on a monthly basis at the local public library and started to support one another. Quickly, the community started to rally around our group and volunteers began providing child care for our support group meetings. This allowed everyone to participate and for the first time the foster children could begin interacting and fellowshipping with others like themselves. A monthly “Parent Night Out” program was established which enabled more contact between the children in care and provided a break for the families that care for them so often. After just a few meetings, the founders decided to form a board of directors.

SAFFT began supporting multiple programs including a child resource closet,  scholarships for foster and adoptive children to participate in extracurricular activities, a monthly “Parent Night Out”, social and support group meetings, as well as constant awareness and trainings. In June of 2010 SAFFT opened the Community & Family Visitation Center located in Cumming, GA. The vision for this center was to provide families a safe, uniquely comfortable, reassuring, and accessible homelike environment in which a structured, neutral alternative to unsupervised visitation can take place. This supervised visitation is the provision and maintenance of a safe, neutral setting in which the contact between a child (ren) and an adult (usually a parent) can be monitored by personnel able to protect the rights and safety of all involved.  The SAFFT Family Visitation & Community Center also offers an individualized, needs based parenting curriculum to enhance a caretaker’s ability to provide a nurturing and structured home environment. This parenting curriculum satisfies Juvenile Court and Department of Family & Children Services court ordered parenting requirements.

The Center now serves hundreds of people a year. SAFFT continues to launch new and unique programs with the goal to serve our families in the most need and help support those loving caregivers who provide a temporary or permanent home for children in broken families. The board of directors still includes some of the original founding board members and the original co-founders of the organization.”

The SAFFT Family Visitation & Community Center schedules supervised visitation and parenting services between the days and hours as follows:

    • Tuesday-Friday   10am-7pm
    • Saturday 9am-4pm
    • CLOSED Sundays and Mondays

Supporting Adoption & Foster Families Together, Inc., 608 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Cumming, GA 30040 Office: (770) 886-9505

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  1. Do the stuffed animals and clothing donated need to be new? Or can they be used in good condition?

    • Hi Kim,
      The stuffed animals and clothing need to be in good condition if they are used. Thanks!

  2. Wow, Jenni! Thanks for the wonderful write-up about SAFFT. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning about your blog. What a wonderful resource for our families 🙂

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