Giveaway Alert: 4 Hour Closet Clean Out From Payne to Gain Organizing

From Payne to Gain Professional Organizing Alpharetta, GAUPDATE: This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Stephanie Robins, our winner!

There’s no better month to spring clean your closets than April with tax day and Earth day wrapped into one month. I am excited to offer this fun organizing giveaway!

My Auburn friend Jen Payne at From Payne to Gain Organizing will help a lucky Forsyth for Families winner clean out a closet, record items for tax purposes and donate to Goodwill.

With her 20 year background as a CPA and Professional Organizer, Jen has been helping businesses and families successfully organize their spaces, filing and systems. Need help downsizing? Just moved and need to know where best to unpack everything? Getting ready for the holidays? She can give you the tips you need to organize your life, one space at a time.

Jen also offers additional services to improve budgeting, track expenses and maximize places to save time and money in all you do.

Spring Clean, Be Green Giveaway From Payne to Gain Organizing

One lucky winner will receive a 4 hour closet cleanout and seasonal switch over – (value $200.00)! Jen will help you plan, organize and sort one closet, record all items for tax purposes and bag up items to donate and brought them to Goodwill.

Donating for re-use is the best kind of recycling! Every session she does includes bringing one load of items directly to Goodwill on her way home and sending the client the tax receipt. Get your closet ready for the season and give back to the community!

How To Enter

To enter the giveaway, add a comment below and tell us all about your closet that needs organizing! The giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, April 21, 2013. Winner will be notified via email. Entrants must live in the Cumming, GA or Alpharetta, GA area and winner will be contacted via email.

from payne to gain organizingFor organizing tips, be sure to follow Jen on Facebook or read her blog. She also has a great crock pot Mondays recipe every week.

Check out her before and after pictures of recent garage, under sink, fridge and basement clean outs!

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  1. Guest bedroom closet is packed with wedding items and photos from 9 years ago! They are in boxes and piled on the,floor including my wedding formal place settings I’ve never used as I don’t have room in my kitchen cabinets for them. Desperately need help!

  2. Julie Faig says:

    Just moved to a smaller house.(no basement) Garage is full of unpacked things and need to organize school items and cards saved for all four kids in closet under the stairs. Also to know which papers to save for taxes. Husband keeps all paper from the years before he met me, more than 10 years ago.
    Someone official needed to tell him to let some of it go.

  3. Our Master Bedroom has become an extension of our closet and dresser, with clothes and shoes strewn on the floor and the chair. We had a baby last June and I just never got around to seasonal switch over and thus I have it all just around our bedroom!

  4. Amanda J. says:

    My master bedroom closet is majorly sad. I can’t even get in there. It is currently housing everything from my son’s toy overflow from his room, to my clothes, husband’s clothes, coats that haven’t seen the light of day in months, blankets and luggage.

    I would love the help!

  5. Our master closet is about to burst! I have all range of sizes, and tons of junk that really needs to be exorcised! As a mom of three, it would help a lot to have someone there to push me to get this done. Please consider us!!

  6. My closet call out to me everyday “please organize me” it is a mix of mine and my husbands clothes, shoes, family pics, jewelry, undergarments , pillows and blankets, guns, purses and bags and more I need help please help me and pick my closet!

  7. Kris-Ann Hosonitz says:

    I am a working single mom of two very busy sports playing boys (ages 10 & 12), I would love to organize the closet in their “play” room. I haven’t had much time to make the space more grown up for them. Getting it completed would give them a space they could easily grab their games, books and sports cards. Selfishly, it would give this mom some room to create a space once their stuff was organized and out of the living room, kitchen, my bedroom, etc. I appreciate the opportunity and consideration!

  8. Our Master Bedroom closet is accessed through our bathroom. It’s the smallest closet/room in the entire house, unless you count the ONE linen closet (if you can call it that) upstairs in our girls’ bathroom. We need help in so many areas that it’s hard to pick one, but since I have to go in my closet every day, I’m saying this one because it makes me get really upset/claustrophobic every time I go in there. 🙁 Thanks so much for considering my home!

  9. I am a single mom of twin girls….I moved into my first home a year ago and have a huge master closet that I would love to organize!

  10. Cheryl B. says:

    My 5 year old daughter’s closet needs some serious help. It is a mixture of her clothes from all seasons.. winter, fall, spring, and summer which makes it hard to find outfits for her to wear. She also has her dress up clothes strewn on the floor of her closet mixed in with shoes, play jewelry, couple boxes, and other various toys who haven’t found a home. In the back corner, hangs my wedding dress along with a few other items of clothing. To top it off there are several containers of toys and junk along the top shelves. The closet is the pits and most of the time the doors don’t even close unless I pull a cartoon stunt to shove them shut. Please pick me. =o)

  11. Ellen Patten says:

    My daughter’s closet looks like it exploded since dhe & her 1 year old son have moved back home. It was being used as an overflow store place…, you can harfly get in there!!!

  12. just the master bedroom closet…full of old clothes, new clothes & a bunch to go to goodwill!

  13. I went through a very difficult move and divorce fours ago. I coped by retail therapy and became almost a hoarder. I am in the process to moving to a new home in Cumming and going to merge 2 families. Getting married in early June. I have so much stuff to purge and get rid of and quite overwhelmed. I do not have just a closet. I have a full 2 car garage full of “things that I may need to use in the future.” I would love some help organizing. New start, new beginning, and need for decrease excess baggage from my past.

    • Congratulations Stephanie Robins is the winner! Lucky 13 from All entrants will receive a special promotion From Payne to Gain as well!

  14. Tara Newton says:

    We recently moved to a new home here in Forsyth county and our master bedroom closet has yet to be tackled…I could definitely use some help getting it set up in a functional organized way…can’t avoid it forever!

  15. My master closet is a disaster. I keep telling my husband they could shoot stock footage for “Hoarders” in our closet. Nothing gross, just too much stuff. Everything from my wedding dress and veil (married 18 years now), old purses, wrapping paper, and clothes in my many different sizes. I started to separate clothes to donate and the pile is so tall it fell over!

  16. I would love to win this for our storage closet under the stairs in our basement . My mom is moving in with us next month & we need all of the extra space & organization that we can get !

  17. You had me at “4 Hour Closet Clean Out”. I’ve managed over the past years to slowly organize the pantry, linen closets, kids closets and keep the kids closets organized. I am at a loss when it comes to my own closet because instead of outgrown/outdated clothes, I see $$$ signs and can’t seem to part with them on my own. This would be the kick in the behind I need to start purging my own items.

  18. My master closet looks like a hazmat site….enough said!

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