Back to School Deals and School Supply Shopping Tips 2013

backtosch Believe it or not, we have two full weeks of summer left in Forsyth County!

My panic first set in this weekend when I received the Target back to school catalog.

My family and I were finally embracing these slower summer days in Georgia when this catalog from the near future appeared in our mailbox showing kids fashionably dressed, happily going back to school.

It rattled me out of my summertime slumber as I ran to check the calendar. Two and a half weeks. We are still okay.

I went to Target later for groceries and the checkout lady was telling me that it was a madhouse that morning for school supplies. My panic meter started to spike. Am I the only one who waits until August to buy school supplies?

I set out to research the school supply landscape and see if I could get some shopping help and coupons along the way. It seems that Time Magazine noticed this early onslaught of back to school marketing as well. Back to school shopping is second only to the holiday shopping season and it seems to start earlier every year.

I found Coupon Project’s very informative post “Best Prices for Back to School Supplies and 2013 Shopping Tips.” Her research of school supply deals over the past few years confirms that most deals occur in August (phew.)

In her brilliance, Angela compiled a great printable list of best prices for school supplies. Angela also created a spreadsheet that compares prices at many retail and office supply stores that will be sure to save time and money! She also had a great idea to restock your home office supplies and buy extra supplies to donate to a school of your choice.

Georgia’s back to school tax holiday is August 9 and 10, 2013. The best items to buy are the big ticket electronics items if you have students going to college or needing technology for school. Mashable has a nice technology roundup of back to school deals.

As for back to school clothing? We have great consignment stores as well as retail stores in Forsyth County, GA. The Collection Forsyth has a Back to School Shopping Event this weekend on Saturday, July 27 from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm. North Georgia Premium Outlets is having various summer clearance sales and a back to school preview.

On the consignment side, Hut No. 8 recently opened in Johns Creek, GA for tween and teen brand name clothing fashions. Kid to Kid Cumming is a great resource for elementary and preschool aged play clothes.

Passion for Savings and Retail Me Not has a round up of back to school clothing sales, deals and discounts – check back for updates.

What are your favorite back to school deal sites? Where do you shop? Most importantly, how do you cope?

Happy shopping!


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