Five For Five Earth Day Activities for Families

Guest Post By Denise Carleton, Reaping Nature Education Outreach Foundation 

Founded back in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 worldwide by more than 190 countries.

But what if every day could be Earth Day?

Here are 5 family friendly ways you can show your support for the environment and have fun doing it – together.

Recycling saves trees, conserves energy, curbs water pollution, reduces landfills, and creates prosperity.

Paper Recycling Bins at Coal Mountain Convenience CenterForsyth County earned $60,000 in revenue from the recycling of plastics at convenience centers in 2012.

Annually Georgians bury raw materials worth nearly $300 million to manufacturers based right here in Georgia.

5 recyclable items used every day:

Composting diverts waste from landfills, improves soil, is a free fertilizer, a superior alternative to chemical fertilizers, and is the best gift you can give your garden.

Composting at Haw Creek ES (640x478)

Composting at Haw Creek ES

Composting requires very little work and can be done in apartments to roof tops. There are over 80 things that can be composted!

5 compostable items:
Coffee Grounds
Tea Bags



#3 – GROW
Growing your own vegetables is inexpensive, improves your health, connects family and friends, saves money, and is very rewarding.

photo 3

Cumming Elementary Dig in the Dirt Day… Shannon Archer, teacher, with her son, Patrick,
working on her classroom raised bed.

It’s also a great way to show yours kids where food comes from using the compost you make to fertilize your garden, and April just happens to be the best month to start a garden.

5 vegetables that can be grown easily:





Volunteering helps you live longer, establishes strong relationships, is good for your career, is good for society, and gives you a sense of purpose.

Adopt A Road - SWC

Adopt A Road – SWC

Keep Forsyth County Beautiful holds many events, workshops, and programs yearlong. Consider making volunteering part of your life.

5 upcoming events and programs:
Mobile Trash Unit – April 24
Adopt-A-Road – All Year Long
Shore Sweeps – September 27
Recycle Electronics – May 3
AAS Workshops – April 26*
*Adopt-A-Stream Amphibian Workshop, Central Park




Exploring the great outdoors can turn a frown upside down, makes children and families happier, makes you healthier, is educational, and is very relaxing.

Exploring at Sawnee Mountain

Exploring at Sawnee Mountain

There are many great places to get outside in Forsyth County. Many are free and provide an opportunity for you and your family to unplug, unwind, and explore nature together.

5 places to visit:
Lake Lanier
Sawnee Mountain
Cedar Hill Enrichment Center
Big Creek Greenway
Local Forsyth County Parks


This Earth Day make a commitment to being healthier and happier by picking 5 actions that you and your family can commit to.

You’ll reap the rewards this Earth Day and every day.

About Denise Carleton

Denise Carleton lives in Cumming with her husband two daughters. She is the founder of Reaping Nature Productions and Reaping Nature Educational Outreach Foundation. She is also the Conservation Department Chair for Sawnee Woman’s Club and Race Director for the Five Points Challenge 5K. She has received awards for her environmental efforts from Keep Forsyth County Beautiful, Keep Georgia Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful. To learn more about Denise and Reaping Nature visit and You can contact Denise by emailing her at info @ reapingnature. com.

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