Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids 2015

summer bucket list ideas for kidsA fun activity for kids is to create a summer bucket list at the start of the summer.

You can create it on construction paper, on the computer or a chalk board, or even on a poster board.

On our bucket list, we combine a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, road trips and ideas for making crafts, cooking/baking, places to visit, community service, things to create and more.

Some of our favorite things to do include: build a fort, run through sprinklers, visit a spray fountain, make snow cones, catch fireflies, play mini golf, go to an outdoor movie, make a new recipe, visit local pools/beaches, go on a hike/nature walk, read a book, make s’mores, create an obstacle course, make a music video, write a letter and more.

Once you create your summer bucket list, the kids will enjoy checking off the items as you complete the activities.

This year we bought poster board and made our list with markers.

I have seen some other ideas on Pinterest – some have printables, some use sticky notes, clothes pins, popsicle sticks, whatever suits you.

Have the kids write it out themselves if they are old enough.

summerbucketlistWe were inspired by Judy Moody and her quest for thrill points one summer and my daughter created a similar poster like Judy did.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these ideas – visit my Kid Stuff Pinterest board for more summer fun.

Here is a neat background to start with – just download and add your list.

Here is a summer bucket list created on a chalkboard. How cute!

This is a free printable – One Hundred & One Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

Here is one created with a metal pail, clothes pins and a sharpie! How clever!

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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